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This article was written by chilort on 01-20-2009.

The rear windshield wiper grommet on G-body Mopars along with Minivans and other vehicles is a piece of garbage. The one on my '86 Daytona completely rotted away allowing water into the hatch. Now I have a nice hole in the spare tire well.

I decided to first hit the junk yard to see if I could find one in reasonable condition: no luck. Even on relatively new minivans (aprox 15 years old -- yeah, I know I said new) these grommets were breaking apart in my hands. Mopar still sells the grommet new, but it costs $26, was on back order at my local dealer, and is the same piece of junk they put on the car in the first place. I decided to make my own solution for this problem.

I ran to the local parts store and hit the HELP! section. Sure enough, a Ford PCV valve grommet is about the correct size. I also picked up some tacky weather strip adhesive.

Installing the grommet was a piece of cake. The grommet shown above clear has a two different sizes at each end. I used the bigger side to face out. The ID, where the wiper arm goes through is a really tight fit. I ended up using a razor to chamfer the hole a little so I could get the wiper arm through. I then put some of the tacky weather strip adhesive around where the grommet will go through the glass and then squeezed it into place.

I know it isn't a lot of money, but I saved myself a good twenty bucks by doing the job this way. And hopefully, this rubber grommet will hold up a little better than the factory part.

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