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This article was written by 135sohc on 03-12-2009.

Rear hatch: The rear hatch weatherstrip from a 1993-1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a direct fit onto the P body cars with some minor trimming of the length (its slightly too long) and works great. Has the same cross profile and proper softness so you dont have to slam the hatch down to get it to latch. Tip: cut the weatherstrip with a bandsaw for a smooth and clean cut and trim it slightly longer so that the ends butt together for a tight weather proof seal. -----This applies to both 2dr and 4dr cars-----

Around the doors, the primary seal: Again go back to that same donor Jeep and take the seals around the doors. Taking caution to not rip or stretch the weatherstrip as you remove it from the pinch flange, it likes to get stuck and tear easily.

The same fitting & trimming process as above for the hatch applies here, with a few pointers. Make sure to fully seat the weatherstrip onto the mounting flange by starting at one end and working your way around the door openings making sure to fully seat the seal into the corners, thats importent otherwise you will trim it too short and you will get water and wind noise leaks. Another thing to take notice of is at the top of the "B" pillar where the weatherstripping makes a sharp 90* bend the factory has a stuffer tube inside the weatherstrip bulb there. This is to keep the seal from collapsing on itself and to minimize door flutter. Try to get that stuffer tube and 90* bend thats formed in your donor seal back into that corner as your test fitting the donor seal and making the final trimming & fitting of the seal.

So all the above sounds really difficult and not worth it ? Hardly, its nice having a dry and mostly wind noise free car isnt it ? And before I forget, the above "around the doors, the primary seal" only works on a 4dr car. The 2dr seals are longer and would possibly work but you'd have to fit a 2nd piece.

Grand Cherokee's are very common at the junkyard I frequent and to pull all 5 seals would cost me almost nothing. Or you might be able to order them from Mopar/Chrysler still, but finding some good used ones shouldnt be that hard or expensive. Pull a couple sets and toss them in your parts stash, you'll be good to go for a long time.

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