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  2. How to set Timing w/ TIII Adjustable Cams

I can't believe I didn't figure it out earlier, must be the drugs I am on for my cold.

Specs are intake, 121 ATDC, Exhaust 104 BTDC.

Theres no need to keep cranking the engine over to read the proper degree's because TIII's are set to max lift not like V8's etc where you have to find the beginning or end etc.

Set the crank at your desired number, IE 121 ATDC for the intake, now loosen the adjustable cam gear, rotate the cam to aprox 0 on the dial guage or whatever number you choose, now move the cam back 2 degs and mark, move forward 2 degs and mark, take the center and there's your max lift point or you can move the gear until the indictator starts to move, mark the gear, rotate the other way until the pointer starts to move, mark and the center of those 2 marks is your max lift point. Do the same for the ex cam. Its that easy. I can't believe I spent hours doing my engine the old way and I am just timing Wop'rs engine and the Delta cams are WAY out, lol!


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