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  2. Base Idle Adjustment

If your car frequently stalls, or idles really high after some mods or a TB swap it might be time to reset the base idle. I have found that 52mm throttle body swaps and sometimes different mods can require the base idle adjustment to be reset.

Here are the directions:
  1. With the car up to temp in neutral and running, unplug the line to the brake booster. The car will rev really high. Let it do that for several seconds. This will cause the AIS to close all the way allowing for a true adjustment of the base idle with the TB screw.
  2. Unplug the AIS and then plug the vacuum line back in. The idle should come back down near normal. If the car stalls, try to start it back up. You might need to open the TB with a screw driver, or more likely a torx bit for it to stay running if it's really far out. If there is a cap over the adjustment screw still just pry it out with an appropriate sized screwdriver.
  3. With the car running, and the AIS still unplugged, adjust the idle to 900RPM.
  4. Turn off the car and plug the AIS back in.
Congrats, you've just reset the base idle. It might take a bit for the car to learn the new idle, but don't worry about it. It might idle high for a while as it learns, but it should come back down and the stalling or high idle should (hopefully) have stopped.

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