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  2. 2.2L/2.5L Internal Engine Part Weights

My TII rods that I removed the parting line and had them balanced-692 grams
Stock TII rods, untouched-710 grams
Eagle EDZ SRT rods-573 grams
TU billet K1 rods-600 grams-I was told this, never weighed them.
Stock std Mahle 2.5 8 valve piston-366 grams
Sealed Power .020 2.5 cast piston-362 grams
Wiseco .040 forged 2.5 slug-368 grams
My 2.5 JE's with rings and a small hole-404 grams
TIII std Mahle piston-418 grams
JE .020 8 valve-2009 production-335 grams
Venolia .020 hybrid piston-371 grams
Stock Dodge pin-125 grams
Wiseco wrist pin-122 grams
JE tapered wrist pin-100 grams
Venolia wrist pin-124 grams
JE wrist pin-2009 production-112 grams
Std 2.2/2.5 rod bearings-43 grams

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