1987 Dodge Charger Shelby
Owner Dr. Johny Dodge

Vehicle 1987 Dodge Charger Shelby
Engine Type 2.2 Turbo I
Vehicle Class Compact
Color Black/Silver
Updated 09-12-2017 05:52 PM
Mileage 0 Miles
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Total Modifications 0
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Black '87 Shelby Charger with slightly less than 28 000 miles

front nose , hood and passenger side fender have been replaced at some time

interior is almost mint with only some yellowing of the silver hatch panels

there is not one spot on the seats , no rips and not even one frayed thread in the CS embroidery on the seats

dashboard is likewise mint with an aftermarket radio the only change from stock in the entire car

it has a spot of rust in one driprail and another on the rear hatch
This is the only rust in the entire car
There is zero rust anywhere else
none in the rockers , none in the wheel wells none , anywhere other than those two small spots on the outer body
I haven't seen one this good since the very early '90's

Engine is still stock at this time as is the entire car

ToDo List
convert to intercooled TII

upgrade trans with 588 bought from FWD P
got a Quaife for that and brand new oem cables already
-still need axles and small bits for trans install

I'm still not sure if I'll convert to smec as all the wiring is virtually mint as is with no split isolation at any of the connectors ... but I prefer the smec set up over the lm/pm

I have a 93 block , from a low mileage 2.5 mopar replacement engine and a forged 89 crank
also have pro gram 4 bolt main caps and BC rods

I'll get pistons when the block finally makes it to the machine shop

I'm going to give a 655 head a try - I have one along with the PT's , beehives and the large isma sized valves
and some anti drop guides (I bought both std and os guides just in case I need them)

I have one of Adam's pleniums , throttle bodies and -10 fuel rails

that's going above a TU manifold a reamed out .63 turbine housing for a GT series turbo and one of Shadow's 3 inch swing valves

I plan on buying a GT30/82 turbo , but not until I need it as it's not going to go out of warranty sitting on my shelf ..

I have a set of 93 iroc front knuckles with the big brakes and the backing plates for a rear disc conversion

I still need to collect the rest of the rear brakes and the suspension parts but it will drive as is for now

interior will also remain stock .. for now but those nice seats are going up for sale one day - just not soon