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  1. Hi Jeff, yep it was an uneventful drive back. It was definately the cracked bolt boss in the computer causing that "short", the JB weld seems to be holding! Sorry to hear about the turbo on your car, the very next day i got home from SDAC my power steering pump sprung a leak and left a large puddle on my garage floor... Just put in the new one today. Its always an adventure with these cars. Talk to ya later. -Chris
  2. Hey Chris, I think we met at the SDAC drags. I hope you made it home OK, without more electrical trouble. I went home and drove my Charger the next day and burned up my turbo. Chris W says the 2.5 balance shaft pan and small hole pick up probably starved it. Now the turbo and pan are headed for T/U for upgrades and repairs. This is tiresome, but maybe one more fix and it will be right. Hope to hear about your adventures. jeff
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