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  1. I apologize, my name is jesus perez palma, I am from Mexico City, I love mopar, I have learned a lot from you and I like all mopar from the 80s cresi with them I currently have a 2.5 turbo shadow and a 2.2 phantom, my friends have a spirit 2.5 a daytona 2.5 a shelby charger and a dodge magnum turbo 2.2
    happy holidays
  2. Hi, I could not register in the 4 preorde, that makes me sad, I wanted to ask you and if you could ask the other designers (wowser, wayne) mpscilink project, if I could make some for the Mexican public, of course without profit, There are several reasons for this. The main one is to glorify the mopar, another reason is that the manufacturing costs are consistent with the economic level, the transportation is very economical within Mexican territory (5usd), while if it is sent from the USA it is almost 50 USD. I believe that what you created is great and all the mopar turbo we have to have this, I understand if I have to pay some type of license, I hope to be taken into account I will try to communicate with the others involved, and you discuss it and be an opensource to everyone's reach, bost button chip style
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