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  1. your pm box is full

    the 4th rod bearing was gone and the crank and rod were completly out of round. so i got shot peened redrilled rods and a new forged crank from fwd..i wish i still had pictures of the massacre that was my engine. the piston has a nice outline of the bottom of the head in the crown. but there was no crack and the ring groves were fine so i kept them(no money in the budget at the time for new ones). it was a miracle that there was no bent valves but the machine shop checked everything out.

    the machine shop is only to replace the valve guide my current power goals dont require any porting.

    the car burns oil and coolant but i narrowed that down to the turbo and i have a rebuild kit...i hope to have time to rebuild it before i travel across country..i think i'll have my step dad take of the car and prepped so i can rebuild quick.
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