• Turbo Mopar's Car of the Year - 2009

    Bill Baker's (30 PSI SHADOW) Turbo III 1983 Dodge Rampage!

    L Bodies have a tight engine compartment, but that didn't stop Bill Baker from swapping in a Turbo III from a Spirit R/T and building one bad, blue, and beautiful Shelby-ized Turbo Truck!I purchased the truck in Arizona in 1997 when i lived out there for a measly $500 bucks!! No rust and even still had the original muffler which was rust free!! It came with the "Prospector" package in white with black bottom. A carb 2.2 with auto powered it.

    Back in Vermont i spent the last 5 years restoring this 1983 gem. It was torn down to the shell,flipped it,and cleaned and sanded the underside. The entire truck was covered in 98 Viper blue pearl. I added the shelby nose, and then redid the inside with a mint set of 89 CSX non recaro seats and the shelby steering wheel. Now for the good stuff! It is now 91 spirit R/T powered! Here are the specs..

    • stock block freshened up
    • stock 16v head with new lifters,retainers,valves backcut
    • Lonewolf stage 2 cams
    • 58mm TB
    • Ported exhaust manifold
    • Super 50trim,stage 2--ATP swingvalve
    • ATP 120 degree 3" downpipe
    • 3" catback, magnaflo center exiting out custom rollpan
    • 24" x12" x 4" intercooler/2.5" piping
    • FWD Performance stage 5 box
    • 52lb injectors
    • Scirocco aluminum race rad/dual fan

    • 91' 568 with OBX 3:50FD
    • 4 puck ceramic/R/T pressure plate
    • Neon shifter,shadow cables
    • unequal length axles

    • minivan calipers,front
    • 89 daytona shelby discs,rear
    • daytona prop
    • daytona master
    • 15" Centerline wheels "Neutron" (upgrading soon)

    • 4 pod A pillar (EGT,boost,oil,fuel)
    • heater box and AC removed for weight
    • front swaybar delete

    Mid 11s at SDAC?????

    It does have the LRE 1" lowering auto X springs up front, but I am considering the axle flip deal. I hope it doesn't lower it too much in the back.
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