View Full Version : FS - Neon and TD parts

Jack's Dodge
01-11-2006, 04:28 PM
Was at the yard getting some parts for my daytona when I came across a few neon items. Take a look:

Aluminum SOHC intake manifold with rail & injectors - $ 50 shipped

Aluminum DOHC intake manifold with rail , injectors and auto tb - $75 shipped

Intense Blue 1st gen spolier - $50 shipped.

89 daytona foglight brackets - $40 shipped

3 89 Daytona factory foglight switches $ 15 shipped each

Daytona rear hatch shocks - $20 shipped

2 T2 pressure plates - $35 shipped each

Throttle body spring off a 4.6L V8 thunderbird - $5 shipped each

Volvo i/c - $40 shipped

MC and prop valve from a 92 V6 daytona $35 shipped

2 Oil pick ups from an 89 lebaron 2.5L $15 shipped each

Blow thru fuel rail with stock T2 injectors, FPR, and wiring in tact $45 shipped

A523 Shifter and cables from 92 lebaron - SOLD

Might have more stuff, but that is most of what I have. I'll update if anything comes up.