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04-28-2015, 12:52 PM
(i posted this at neons.org with little feedback so wanted to get the opinions of this group.)

now that i realize (duh) that brian crower (BC) and crower are different companies it helps somewhat! so, i'm down to these questions. bc and crower both make a 420a turbo cam. however the bc cam has a bit more duration which bothers me for a turbo. however, when i look at the generic bc and crower cams for the srt (which is turbo'd from the factory) they use even greater durations. has anybody used either 420a turbo cams? am i better off getting one of those vs the srt4 (i know i'll have to flip the magnet)?

and what about valves? do the 1mm oversize really help out that much for the money? i need to do a valve job anyway so as long as i've got things apart want to do everything i should.

here is a summary of cam specs that i could pull together.

head - itm# - Stage - .050 Dur - Lift - LSA

420a stock 188/184 324/275 ? stock (per bc)

420a bc0166 204/204 402/406 ? turbo
420a bc0167 210/210 354/386 ? na

420a 64461-2 Stg 1 184/184 350/308 110 nitrous
420a 64462T-2 Stg 2 187/184 409/403 114 turbo
420a 64462-2 Stg 2 196/194 388/357 110 3/4 race street/strip
420a 64463-2 Stg 3 205/200 444/437 110 drag cam

2.4l stock 194/196 325/259 113 stock
srt4 stock 172/174 327/260 113 stock

srt4 bc0161 203/201 350/310 ? street/strip
srt4 bc0162 211/203 389/383 ? race
srt4 bc0163 212/213 399/399 ? full race

srt4 64475-2 stg 1 210/203 410/393 ? mild idle
srt4 64476-2 stg 2 218/210 425/410 ? nitrous
srt4 64477-2 stg 3 230/222 449/433 ? drag cam

neon stock 174/173 344/315 110 stock

neon stg 1 184/184 350/350 ? mild idle
neon stg 2 196/196 403/403 ? nitrous
neon stg 2 188/188 403/385 ? turbo
neon stg 3 200/200 410/410 ? 3/4 race street/strip
neon stg 4 216/216 463/463 ? drag cam

04-28-2015, 03:31 PM
Here is a good read on turbo camshafts. Be not afraid of long duration and some overlap if you have a modern, well matched turbocharger.


That said, depending on your power goals, you may not need upgraded cams.

Also, 420A cams and Chrysler DOHC cams are not interchangeable. If you're using a 420A head (exhaust on the front) you need to use 420A cams. If you are using a Neon or 2.4 head, you need to use cams for those engines. Early and late 2.4/2.0 cams interchange, but early 2.4's have a different cam magnet position than the 2.0 and late 2.4.

04-28-2015, 05:20 PM
The Chrysler cams and 420A cams interchange just fine. You just have to know where to place the magnet or run a cam gear cam/crank setup like we do.

04-28-2015, 05:51 PM
The Chrysler cams and 420A cams interchange just fine. You just have to know where to place the magnet or run a cam gear cam/crank setup like we do.

that's what got me thinking that maybe i should be looking at the srt4 cams. i'll read thru contraptions link tonight. i'm running a holset he351 on srt4 internals. would like to be at 375-400 when its all done. i've got mp adjustable cam gears also btw.