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08-28-2006, 10:40 AM
. . . Of very well kept all original ones! :nod:

I was driving across Lincoln yesterday evening, an unseasonably drizzly and dreary day. While waiting at a stop light, I saw a sharp looking CSX-T turn north onto the street I was on. Now I make it a point to know of all the turbo mopars in my city, especially Whittier cars, so I had no choice but to pursue. My light turned green, I crawled forward, waited for an opening, and then shot over and ahead of the Neon in front of me, and got another red light five blocks later. :banghead: And now this chick in the Neon thinks I'm trying to race her, and I'll say she gave it a valiant effort, but I had no time for her. :bolt: I lunged forward over the bridge at what could be considered unsafe speeds :rolleyes:, determined to find this car. I had about given up hope, when I saw the unmistakeable figure of a white Shadow turning east about 6 blocks ahead. Lucky for me the light was still green when I got that far, and making full use of my CS suspension and freshly installed 4 wheel disc brakes, I swung around the corner and caught up to him 3 blocks later. I got up on his left side and for once lamented my lack of power windows. While trying to think of a way to get his attention, the light turned green and he was off. In my eagerness, I gave it too much gas and spun the tires heavily. Now HE thought I was trying to race, so he punched it. Thanx to my recent TII swap, the ol' Daytona stayed right beside him. Second gear shift, I caught traction and pulled ahead. Into third, he pulled back even, his lighter weight beginning to show its advantage. I stepped on it harder, wrapping my LW rod, cheap cast piston engine higher than I'd dared to before. 4th gear, and we're still neck and neck, nearly doubling the posted speed limit. :fencing: Finally, as if reading each other's minds, we both let off and slowed back to a more reasonable pace. I reached across the car and wrestled the passenger window down (and I do mean wrestle), and asked him if I could check his car out. We pulled into a McDonalds parking lot 22 blocks from where we started, and shook hands.:dancingbana:

The car, best I could tell was all original. No centercaps of course, and some corrosion on the wheels, but otherwise very very nice. Some expected rock chips on the front of the hood, but only one nickel sizes spot on the right A-pillar suffered the standard paint peel. Otherwise the paint was excellent. All the decals, emblems, and other Shelby pieces were intact; the steering wheel could have passed for a fourth of the claimed 160K miles. The only thing 'wrong' with the car was that the center of the steering wheel, the gauge and radio bezels, and the outermost heat ducts had been painted white, but it wasn't distasteful. But we chatted for a while, he gave me a bit of history on the car, I told him about my collection, and even showed him my CS tattoo. He said he never gets online, but plans to this winter with his nephew whom he got the car from, so I gave him my email and all the forum sites.

So, I tracked down another Whittier car and a newfound TM enthusiast, and also determined my "parts car" Daytona performs at least as well as a stock CSX-T, even with a hatch full of tools and parts. All in all, a pretty good evening. :peace: Hopefully we'll all see more of this car in the future.

08-28-2006, 11:25 AM
Great story and well written :)

I never see TM's around me. But I get a lot of looks in the city with my RFL ;)

08-28-2006, 05:59 PM
Next target: A white '90-'91 Daytona Shelby that managed to evade me today. . .

08-29-2006, 12:31 AM
Very nice. Good job on bringing another into the fold. Now we need a pic. :)