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07-02-2006, 01:44 PM
I could stand to pay off some bills.

Details of the car (was at the club dyno day):

Red 91 Spirit R/T recently converted to 8v with the drivetrain from the good 'ol 11.8sec CSX-T.

Drivetrain info:
2.2l 8v - Approx 3k street driven miles, seen 6 years of racing. Proven VERY dependable. (88 cast motor /w/ Carb. rods)
- +40's for injectors
-Menegon Stage 2 head - thread repair insert in #2 cyl. Comes out on occasion when removing spark plugs, sometimes it stays in. No big deal
-RP Cal based on (I think) 90 VNT electronics (3bar setup)
-Hybrid turbo .63 housing and 2.5" swingvalve & downpipe
-Stock 520 trans/shifter & cables
-Recent plugs, cap and rotor - may need wires. 6 yr old ones are getting tired
-ALWAYS run M1 in this engine for it's entire life since rebuild back in the day. Super spotless inside
-Big NPR cooler
-L body rad
-New <300 miles waterpump
-Fresh PP and turned flywheel after the crashbox blew up at the track
-McLeod Revlok clutch with about 40% left life (inspected when trans pulled)
-Adj cam sprocket (one of the first ones). Missing one bolt in the adjusters, but can include one of my billion stock ones

-KYB shocks and struts
-<1000 miles NEW Falken Ziex 512 205/60/15 tires on original Red snoflakes
- <1000mi duralast front pads and resurfaced front rotors
- Good rear brakes too
- 3" exhaust from downpipe to tail going thru a bullet muffler where cat was, and a Edelbrock RPM muffler at the end. I can include the downpipe and cat I made up for emissions time. It's not the quietest thing on the block, tho.

- 126k on the chassis/body
-Faded clearcoat on hood, roof, and trunk. Bumpers have clearcoat chip. Good scratch on D/S door where 16v motor scraped it out of spite
-Dent on D/S fender behind corner light
-Very little rust. Some on D/S bottom door lip, I think there is some on the trunk lip too. Nothing extreme. Good floors. A little where ebrake cable goes thru. Just some typical areas. No Flintstone-mobile
-Small rust spot at D/S top corner above windshield rubber

- Pretty darned clean for it's age. Light shampoo here and there would make it look like brand new. Carpets pretty nice.
-Mechanical oil pressure gauge mounted to left of center console, EGT and boost mounted in center console where the flip up cubby lid is.
-Aftermarket basic walmart style CD player replaced the blown up Infinity deck. Works great. No blown speakers. Non-infinity. Car had no speakers in it when I got it almost 3 years ago.

I'm sure there is more that I can't think of right now, but will add stuff when I do think of it, and can answer any questions. Pics can be taken (and will be taken), and emailed upon request. This is something I really DO NOT want to do, and if someone is interested I want it to go to a good home with someone with experience with these cars. I will admit, but I may be a little selective who this would be sold to. I tried not to do a hack job on this one. It's not perfect, but I am happy with the way it came out. Car is a blast to drive. The drivetrain actually does pretty well in a heavier car, when I originally set it up to run in the CSX-T.


Emails preferred. Located in Oakdale, CT 06370



07-02-2006, 04:21 PM
Forgot to mention that there's an exhaust leak at the head that it's had for a long time that I haven't got around to fixing. Doesn't impact the runability of the car.

08-09-2006, 10:44 PM
Car still available. Emails received and replied back in the order I got them.

New price: $2000.

New arrival coming into the fleet, and I need to clean house.

08-20-2006, 12:39 AM
Car is sold, and now lives at it's new home in PA.