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05-25-2006, 08:55 AM
ok took out my 90 shelby daytona 2.5 5 speed and it went slower with more mods this year damnit. wtf.

last year
n/a bottom end with 8.9:1 comp stock head
stock mitsu at 20 psi
front mount
walbro 255
2.25 intake to where ecu is
2.5 stock downpipe to 3 where cat was till the rear axle
14* timing
electronic overboost eliminator
180 thermostat
52mm throttle body
mopar performance auto sbec
magnacore 8.5 wires
msd coil
ngk bp7es plugs
rps 2500lb pressure plate and 4 puck disc
225/50 16's

r/t .558
60' 2.26
330 6.20
1/8 9.38
mph 76.95
1000 12.12
1/4 14.40
mph 98.74

now this years mods including last years

rebuilt stock turbo bottom end with arp rod bolts and head studs
t3/t4ob super v trim
stage 3 turbine in .63 non chrysler housing
ported manifold with deltagate welded below number 2 runner
2.5 o2 housing
3" turbo back
3" intake with heat shield
18 psi

now for the terrible run

r/t .350
60' 2.43
330 6.63
1/8 9.90
mph 76.73
1000 12.69
1/4 15.03
mph 97.97

ahhhhh ok so the turbine and housing are way to big for a unported head cause i don't get full boost till almost 5k in 1st gear but all other gears like upper 3k lower 4k. slipped it out at about 4k and bogged to 3k and don't get full boost till like 60'. guess i have to just dump it at like 5k
i thought ide gain at least 5 mph with this turbo but its still the same. why besides the launch. im so dissapointed, thought ide been in the high 13's at like 103. im about to just give up.

give me some feedback please besides my shitty launching.

05-25-2006, 09:04 AM
best I know to tell you is try, try again. Your setup probably needs a bit more tuning, and you probably need a bit more practice with your new setup.

and yes, your launch can use some work. ;) just in your 60' time you should be able to knock .4 off your time pretty easily.


05-25-2006, 01:33 PM
Your going thru what I went thru for a year. Your setup needs tuning. That turbo is half your problem. I would get an adjustable cam sprocket and advance the cam timing to help spool the turbo. Play with ignition timing etc. One bad run is only the beginning. As Clay said, drop .4 off your 60ft's and your in the mid 14's.
You didn't mention what cam you had. Also, your higher compression on your older motor would have helped alot.

05-26-2006, 12:53 PM
Yep, sounds about right. Chris R. had the same problem with his turbo and had to switch back to a smaller housing and trim.