View Full Version : srt vs honda goldwing

05-20-2006, 04:12 PM
I was waiting at a redlight on a less populated road when this newer honda gull wing comes outta no where and pulls from the lane i'm in to the empty lane next to me. This guy lives near me and i've seen him ride aggresively before so i figured he might want to have a go at it. The light goes green and we both roll out easy, but as i short shift to second he goes for it putting a quick 3/4 car length on me- then i nail it. By the top of second he's at my door, and a little into third getting closer to my rear 1/4. I let off at 80, since there were some intersections coming up and i didn't want to coax this guy into doing a 100+. The best part of all this is its 100deg out, i don't have my alky injection on, and i'm in low boost (dab #1) making 16psi :p !