View Full Version : +20% or +40%?

04-25-2006, 10:08 AM
I am in the process of rebuilding the motor for my RT. I am wondering what injectors I should go with. I am thinking +40s but I don't know if that will be too much with the minor mods I have. I do plan on upgrading futher, but it wont be for a few months maybe a year. Here are a few important details. I am running a S70 turbo from TU (stock housing with a wheel clip if that matters) I have a LW stage one head, LW stage one cams, ported and coated exhaust manifold, ported intake manifold, a 1010cfm spearco front mount, 2.5 mandrel bent exhaust with high flow cat, accufab AFPR. I have the boost graingered to 12-13 psi on a stock cal. Will the +40% work with the stock cal untill I get a new cal and a decent turbo? Can I turn the FP down that far to compensate? Also one other question, and I know everyone hates this one, but what kind of power do you think this will make? roughly?:D Thanks! :thumb: