View Full Version : Green 1993 IROC R/T sale

Lotza Boost
04-13-2006, 10:01 AM
I have a 1993 IROC R/T for sale.
The car is green with overhead console rear wiper, light grey interior, keyless entry with alarm, full Sony and Infinity 2022 watt system, 12" Infinity subs and 3 1/2" dash speakers, Sony Xplode doors and rear side speakers, Three different Sony amps that power them all, rear cargo cover is in great shape, Silver Star bulbs in hi low and driving lights, the lens front and rear are clear(hot hazed over) and not cracked, the head is in great shape and never welded even though it just rolled over 100k, the engine is mostly stock right now with a K&N filter with cleaning kit and Daws G-valve and meter, the rear valve cover leaks as does the right side of the radiator (small leak but needs repaired), I've never used the AC but it was replaced right before I bought it and should need nothing more than vacd down and charged, no rust or damage to the car to be found but the roof hood and top right front fender needs repainted as do most of these cars, no lifter or engine noise at all, the exhaust system is open with out muffler but am going to get that changed next week even if I don't sell it (not that it's loud, I just want it to sound better), cruise control works great, and the tires are in great shape as well and the wheels are in good shape with no curb rash at all, the spare tire and jack looks to have never been used and I made an aluminum cover lined with black felt that is way better than the factory cover, new rear hatch struts that work sooooo nice.
I am asking $4300 for it and might consider a partial trade or if you don't like the thought of making your ears bleed I would consider dropping a little for removing the subs and two of the amps.
The car drives great but and has current tags and inspection.
If you are interested in this car I will e-mail you any thing you would like to see on this car just as long as you PM me. I will get back with you in the evening time when I do.
This car will not be parted out so do not make a fool of yourself and ask me to do it for you.