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02-19-2009, 05:00 PM
I just wanted to give a heads up on what’s going on with Turbonetics. As of Feb. 16, Turbonetics changed their pricing structure for resellers that may leave us seeking other alternatives for those of you not looking to go broke trying to buy a good turbo. We were able to put in a rather large order before the price increase so hopefully you’ve got your tax return money ready to stimulate the economy. One bright spot is the fact that the foundry they were using for casting has found a few .63 A/R Chrysler turbine housings and several of the turbos on our order will have that configuration and the balance sent to other vendors. Additionally, we have a few of these in stock now so call while they last at this price. When those housings are gone though, they will be forever gone unless quite a bit more money is spent with them to have our own configuration developed. We will continue to work with our vendors using our buying leverage to negotiate the best terms possible so that you can continue to depend on the quality products our vendors offer at the best possible price.