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04-05-2006, 01:46 PM
This video is the Turbo Mopars at the Strip, Las Vegas.

We had alot of fun. I rode with Boyd(aka mock_glh (http://www.turbo-mopar.com/forums/member.php?u=574)) in the Ugly Old Omni (http://www.uglyoldomni.com). We drove from southern California to Las Vegas on 3/4's tank of gas (the car jam packed with stuff, including my fat @$$), donned a pair of slicks, then proceeded to race for 3 days. Boyd won the Low E.T. qualifier award and proceeded to spank the rest of the Sport Compact class coming in first place!! :clap2:

It's kinda hard to hear, but if you listen closely to the announcer, he basically starts out saying "You wont be seeing the quick times with these cars" as the 4 cylinders started racing. He was refering to how much faster the v8 cars were running. But as Boyd hits the track, the announcer gets blown away by how fast "that little gold car" runs.

There was a group of vipers there that on average ran high 12's. There were only two vipers that ran faster than Boyd's time, one of which was a twin-turbo that ran something like mid 9's. The other was a viper that I'd guess had over $100,000 sunk into, which ran 11.30's. There was a 12.25 viper that I had set up to race against the omni, but he must not have been very confident with his 8 Liters as he was no where to be found. That would have been funny, 2.5L (135 cubes) whoopin on 8Liters (488 cubes)... heehee.... :lol:

The people coming to talk to us were telling about how the crowd would :cheer2: for Boyd, but barely :clap2: for any other car the whole weekend. :bounce:

Alan(aka 2.216VTurbo (http://www.turbo-mopar.com/forums/member.php?u=368)) came out with his Shelby GLHS. It was having issues with the computer going into limp mode and the new calibration did not work at all! Even with the computer pulling all the timing and whatever else it does in "limp mode", he still ran 14.7 @ 105.

Two guys, Clay and Dean, came down from Utah to race. The K car had some mods, but suffered from an A413's lack of "go" when shifting into 3'rd. It ran pretty decent during qualifying, but blew the hose off the turbo first round of eliminations :(

The movies are ready!:amen: It's 12 and a half minutes long, so the size of the file is somewhat large. If you have broadband, I'd recommend you take the time to download the large file since it's much better looking. Of course if you have dial-up, you shouldn't bother downloading either one (it'll take you a week:yuck:) Any constructive criticism relating to my work on the video is welcome. Enjoy!

Go to the video section of www.jamperformance.com

:banaride:Good Job Boyd (aka Mock_glh) !!!! :peace:

04-05-2006, 01:52 PM
This is what Boyd said in a different thread:

Went to Vegas for MATS this weekend to run the Sport Compact and guess what. I took all the money! Here's how it went:
Drove the Omni up (250 miles) on Friday morning. Got the car ready and went up for my first run. It blew the tires away and I missed 2nd gear, turned a 12.89 at 111 mph. Ugh! Second run was almost as bad. I rolled the staging lights, which added about 3 tenths to my time. Again it spun the tires. I caught all the gears but only ran a 12.60 at 113. Didn't look promising.

Saturday was much better. First run I cut a .063 light, a 1.78 60', and finished at a 12.07 at 114 mph, blowing away a 14 second SRT-4, and getting the first standing ovation of the event. I followed it up later with an 11.90 at 115 mph, taking low ET in the class with a $75 award. People were suddenly showing up at our pit to see what this Omni was all about.

Sunday was showtime. Dialed in at 11.90, my first match was an 18 second Neon and a worthy opponent. Our RT's were .043 and .046 but the headwind got the better of him and he couldn't run his dial-in so I got by him on the brakes with an 11.92. Second round I got the odd-lot single run and went 11.97. Dialed back to 11.95, I got very lucky in the third round. I bogged the car slightly and ran a 12.10 and my opponent had a better light but he slowed from a 16.90 dial-in to 17.24 and I got by for the win. The final round was the best race of all. A PT Cruiser with a sharp driver dialed in at 18.08.
He cut a .032 light and 6.13 second later I went after him with a slower .112 RT. The car left hard and I just caught him at the finish line. It was a double breakout, me by .05, him by .12. The crowd went crazy. I was shaking the hands of delighted spectators and racers for the rest of the day.

My prize money was enough to pay for my entry fee, 2 nights at a hotel and a few meals. Needless to say I had a great time.

04-07-2006, 12:44 AM
Wow, thats just freakin awesome. :D Boyd nails those starts everytime, :thumb:

04-07-2006, 08:18 AM
I wish I could 60' like you, Boyd!