View Full Version : Where's waldo and other stuff

01-15-2008, 12:05 PM
OK, I need the following people to call me. I have either left a message and got no reply or their contact info is no longer valid.
Brian Putman, Angel Mora, Cory Werbicki, and Lee/Steve Plattner

OK, I will be working late today and thursday to hopefully get out a bunch of orders and calibrations. On those 2 days, I will be limiting my phone answering so I can get some stuff done. Feel free to try and email if you can during these two days.

Our shipping guy left before the holidays and we just now hired a new guy to help in shipping. It will be a few weeks before everything gets back to some sort of normalcy around here. I appreciate everyone's patience, especially in the last few months. We have made several changes, and hope that translates out to better service to our customers.