View Full Version : A day out with my boys

02-12-2006, 10:23 PM
OK to start the story off, I own a 1988 Chrysler lebaron turbo running 11psi with some goodies. and this is what happened it was a Friday Night at the pike (thats were we hang out in CT we have about a 20mile road full of places to hang out) so me and my buddies are at taco bell, then we to shot over to shooter to play pool to celebrate my buddies 18brithday so 2hours passed at shooters and two of my buddies left, so the birthday boy left along witha Friend so the rest of use 9 people stayed for about another 20min, so it was about 1:30 to 2 in the morning and were back on the pike it was my buddy and me in the baron and the rest in the mer-Benz so IM following him and decided to pull next to him and just drive. So instead we end up behind these really stupid and retarded people that were driving 35 on a 50 and taking up 2lanes just so they could have kicks and giggles so i was getting pissed so we end up at DQ were it turns into 3lanes so i pull up next to the SSE supercharged bonny (that what one kid was driving and the other was a 03 maxx) but back to my story so were at the light and the SSE decides to pull a car length ahead of so when the light to green he could automaticly cut me off, So the light turn green and i launched and smoked him so now it was my turn to plays so i see him pulling ahead so i slowed down and he tried to cut me off again and i new he was going to do that so i faked a right and took'd a left and ended up in the turning lane cause i was hungry and mickeyD's is right their LOL so IM waiting and i forgot about my buddies in the Benz so i looked back and see them fly by me doing 80 and zig zaging to cut in front of the two knuckle heads, because the Benz thought i was way ahead of them and they didn't realize that was me at the light so me and my buddys are laughing are A$$ off LOL. SO that was my night and by the way my car is automatic