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02-11-2006, 09:17 AM
-87 Shelby Z. T-top car. Red with gray cloth. Good body, faded paint. T-2 with rod knock. 5-speed. Some new parts. 112,000 miles. $600

-89 Shelby Daytona. Black and silver. Decent paint, little body damage. Pumpers, grey cloth interior. New parts. 110,000 miles. (I think its a 2.5 T-I, cant remember) Auto, Runs Great. This car is worth it! Asking $1200.

All cars located in Salt Lake. Let me know if you are interested. Sorry, I cant get any pictures for a while. I might be interested in a trade for T-III parts or maybe another SD. If you dont like what im asking, then offer me what you think is fair and we'll talk. Thanks for looking.

Tyler Larsen~Salt Lake City

-92 Daytona R/T (PVP Pilot Car)
-89 Shelby Daytona
-87 Shelby-Z
-97 Jeep Wrangler
-82 Jeep CJ-7
-70 Plymouth Cuda 440-6pk

02-13-2006, 05:24 AM
I would like pics of the 89 if/when you can get them. supercrackerbox@yahoo.com