View Full Version : Thanks again FWD

09-05-2007, 02:05 PM
Thanks to Cindy, my new piston & rings are in! a few weeks ago, i lost almost compression in Cyl #1, and was comtemplating a fully built lower end. however, since i couldn't afford that til over winter/spring, but still want to drive the car... i was undecided what to do. i even pulled insurance off it while it sits in the corner of the shop for now. however, i finally decided to email cindy last week about getting me a new piston/rings, and she replied the following day saying they were in the mail. the FedEx guy just left a few mins ago, and i'm please to say... my parts are here and ready to go in soon i hope!

She also threw in a modified version of her S5 cal (new chip) to help out with some things we had been discussing in the past!

The service is OVER AND ABOVE what i expected!

thanks again Cindy and the FWD Team!

~Kurt Check