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02-07-2006, 04:33 PM
I have pics of all these parts and I will do what I can to give as much detail about them. Please be sure to email me if you are interested in anything. My email is minigts@gmail.com

All parts are ready to use unless otherwise stated.

All prices are negotiable, but not by too much. If the market price is much lower than something I have listed, I'll be happy to meet that price.

(1) 1985 Charger power module - I believe the part number is 5236766 1677 but can't be sure, it's rubbed off in a few numbers

(1) 1985 Charger power module - no part number and semi painted cover

(1) 1985 Charger Logic Module - 5226795

http://www.interactivetrainers.com/car/parts/PICT1323.JPG (on the left)
(2) 10" 350 ft/lb springs - 2.5" coil overs I got these WAY before anyone was making kits for the L bodies would be good for SUPER stiff rear springs maybe for racing at the track COIL OVER APPLICATION ONLY

I can't guarantee the injectors are good, but they have been used and taken off while working. I was at a point where I thought I had injector problems are started swapping them out only to find out the wiring was bad!!!!

http://www.interactivetrainers.com/car/parts/PICT1323.JPG (lower left 2 with blue coloring - almost new)
(2) injectors - D1540BA aftermarket factory Turbo I injector (came from a working car)

(5) injectors - 4306024 factory injectors for Turbo I (can't guarantee all of them to be good)

(8) Bendix injectors - 4418475 probably for Turbo I (can't guarantee all of them to be good)

http://www.interactivetrainers.com/car/parts/PICT1323.JPG (almost center bottom, just right of the other 2 injectors)
(2) Siemens injectors - 4418474 probably for Turbo I and NO they aren't for injecting that OTHER stuff (can't guarantee all of them to be good)

(1) Turbo I throttle body complete

(1) Starter wiring harness - in very good shape at the battery end I think it came off a Turbo II application, but I'm not positive

(1) timing belt cover

(1) oil sending line for TI/TII turbo application

(1) hall effect for Turbo I

(no pic)
(3) distributor caps - these will go with the hall effect for a Turbo I

(2) fuel rail harnesses - 1 is the block 6 pin and the other is L-shaped 6 pin

(1) one piece intake fuel rail - the sending line is damaged

(1) coil - I believe any turbo application

(1) Turbo I fuel rail WITH harness and FPR

(1) Turbo - needs a rebuild

(1) Turbo II head - from a 1987 Daytona

(1) Turbo I head - from a 1985 Charger comes complete with intake and exhaust if wanted, otherwise I will part it out

(1) Altenator harness - has a reterminated source wire will include Alt bracket

(1) Turbo I wiring harness almost complete - can come with power module and logic module as listed above. It is missing the plug for the Charge temp sensor. It has been spliced to correct stuff like the Knock Sensor, but the fuseable links are in perfect condition. The sheath was pulled back to verify the color codes for the fuseable links when I was doing the TII conversion. Will also come with the grommet that goes through the firewall. Pretty much, if you want all the wiring from top to bottom from my Turbo I, I will sell the harness, grommet, LM and PM, Starter and Altenator harnesses together as one whole, just let me know

The harness will also come with a spare that has been cut up and robbed, but still has some good ends and wiring in it.

http://www.interactivetrainers.com/car/parts/PICT1323.JPG (left side)
(1) Turbo I valve cover

(1) Turbo I distributor

(1) Turbo II distributor

(1) Front brakes 1985 Charger - needs to be rebuilt (not ready to use)

(2) Turbo II throttle bodies - one is good, the other needs to have the bolts holding the AIS motor or TPS removed. Not sure which one. I had to cut the heads off and didn't take the time to pull the bolts out. Again, one is fine the other is just for extra parts.

(1) 1985 Charger power module $30 shipped
(1) 1985 Charger power module $15 shipped
(1) 1985 Charger Logic Module $50 shipped
(2) 10" 350 ft/lb springs $30 shipped
(2) injectors - D1540BA $7 shipped (will shipped individually, $3 each)
(5) injectors - 4306024 $20 shipped (will shipped individually, $3 each)
(8) Bendix injectors - 4418475 $28 shipped (will shipped individually, $3 each)
(2) Siemens injectors - 4418474 $7 shipped (will shipped individually, $3 each)
(1) Turbo I throttle body complete $20 shipped
(1) Starter wiring harness $30 shipped
(1) timing belt cover $7 shipped
(1) oil sending line for TI/TII turbo application $15 shipped
(1) hall effect for Turbo I $35 shipped
(3) distributor caps free with hall effect
(2) fuel rail harnesses $20 shipped (each)
(1) one piece fuel rail $13 shipped
(1) coil $7 shipped
(1) Turbo I fuel rail WITH harness $30 shipped
(1) Turbo needs a rebuild $35 shipped
(1) Turbo II head - from a 1987 Daytona $30 plus actual shipping
(1) Turbo I head - from a 1985 Charger $50 plus shipping
with exhaust and intake
(1) Altenator harness $80 shipped
(1) Turbo I wiring harness complete
(1) Turbo I valve cover $15 shipped
(1) Turbo I distributor $15 shipped
(1) Turbo II distributor $15 shipped
(1) 1985 L body front brakes $20 shipped
(2) Turbo II throttle bodies $25 shipped (for both)
(2) 2.25" Swingvalve $20 shipped (for each, not listed up top, but pictured on the main shot)
(1) 2.25" downpipe $15 shipped (not listed up top, no pic)

$525 will get everything including shipping, minus the heads shipping cost. Obviously, if you get multiple items, I'll reduce the shipment cost on combined part orders. I'm very fair in how I do things, so I'll be sure do what I can for cost on shipping.

I tried to be as accurate and complete with everything. If something was omitted or fogotten, it wasn't intentional, SO PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS if you want to know more about any item listed.

Please be sure to email me if you have questions or would like something. Again, email is minigts@gmail.com. All prices are negotiable, but not by too much. If the market price is much lower than something I have listed, I'll be happy to meet that price.

02-08-2006, 11:53 PM

Anyone interested? If not it's all going in the garbage soon. I'll give you my address so you can wait till I throw it out! hehe

Prices ARE negotiable too!

02-11-2006, 05:37 PM

Everything is going to the garbage by middle of next week. If you are interested in any of this please let me know.

02-15-2006, 12:23 PM
All the hardware is going in the trash. I can't bring myself to throw away the electrical stuff, so I'll keep that. I know the moment I throw it away someone will want it. But all the other hardware is going in the trash, including the turbo and downpipe and everything else!

I live in Cordova, TN so if you want to come pilfer through my trash your welcome to it!

02-18-2006, 04:17 PM
can you guarantee any of the turbo 1 injectors to work. they are not that expensive new. if you could give me a decent price on two of them with reasonable shipping. the tips on mine are cracked and causing rich fuel. i would rather pay full price for them and know they are not gonna cause a problem as opposed to not working at all

02-18-2006, 04:20 PM
i need 4306024

02-18-2006, 04:21 PM
2 good ones

02-18-2006, 05:17 PM
2 good ones

Sorry, they're gone to the trash.

02-21-2006, 05:12 AM
even the cylinder heads?

02-21-2006, 02:46 PM
No, the heads are still in my house. But I got rid of the extra turbine housing, brakes and other junk. I could take the heads to a builder and get something for them.