View Full Version : I missed it so much!

07-09-2007, 08:23 PM
My gosh I've missed racing, the adrenaline rush is the best thing to take away stress. I haven't had a decently quick car in over 2 years :yuck:
But today, it's all good now! Just got my shadow running and inspected saturday, almost completely stock T1 car except T2 rad/ic and MBC at 13 PSI. Thats it, stock exhaust, cat/muffler/tiny pipes, everything stock.
Rolling up to a 2 lane red light behind a camaro (he's in the front in the left lane and there's cars in the right lane), I see dual exhaust so I think it's an LS1 because it's a 2000-up body style. I'm rolling about 20 MPH in second, light turns green, he guns it because the left lane ends about 1/4 mile ahead. Ahh-hah! V6 fart cannon power, so I gun it a second or so after he does(because I wasn't gonna even try an LS1 car but I heard that it was a V6). I pop in the right lane after passing the other cars, shift to 3rd, his pipes are screamin, as I passed him I gave him a dirty look. I didn't pass him fast, but I think it's a great kill for a nearly stock car! My car looks like crap, paint fade, clear coat peel, surface rust where the paint has rubbed off, he looked at my car like WTF! Gotta love it.
Can't wait until I get my 3'' exhaust on and I also have a TU cal for 3 bar +40's and 23 PSI. Gonna see what the little mitsu can dish out, hoping for 225 WHP at about 20 PSI. I might install my PT cruiser IC to help aid that instead of the stock T2 cooler.