View Full Version : few runs tonight

05-21-2007, 12:54 AM
went out with some local car guys tonight...
99 gsx, 95 gsx, 2007 Z06, and a EvoVIII and a cobalt SS

didn't race the vette, but went for a ride in it. oh... my god... nuff said.

99 gsx from a second gear roll... took it like candy from a baby... we went a few times i think he was stock turbo, not sure what other mods.

95 gsx, this was supposed to be running 30 pounds of boost/big fmic and tuned... never got a good run with them, but on an onramp to the x way, i was behind them and i hit the rev limiter in first, and it was over. but earlier i was following him and I was able to keep somewhat up.

cobalt ss, supercharged and stageII... Once i spooled up in second from a roll, i walked him, and he admitted it, very cool guy

evo... first gear roll... it ate me up big time, first gear spun once boost came in, then shifted, and spun alll thru second.. terrible... oh, btw, this car traps at 131 so i never had a chance...

everyone there was quite surprised at the r/t.