View Full Version : 98?99? eclipse gst spyder vs shelby z

04-08-2007, 03:31 AM
Ok so i have been all over my buddy to race his gst spyder against my 88 shelby z and we finnaly raced!!!

his is super clean.. red with a black top white rims, 40k miles!!
heard pipes, exhaust cone filter short throw, and greedy profect b dual stage elc boost conteroler.... he made 216 whp on 12 psi ( ot sure what he was runing for boost when we raced he said 12 but who knows...

my mods.. 2.5 exhaust and ag valve at 14 psi

so he only races on a roll cuz he has a wheel hop problem... so we ran 25-100 mph... he got me by 2 cars on the roll race (not to bad)

so he wants to race me from a stand still since i raced his race he desided to race mine!!

we line up and go on three beeps... he actualy luanched with out wheel hoping!! and i have atraction problem with my shelby.. it ether blows the tires away or bogs.. well imanaged to get it to hook and i ment HOOK!! right i launched at about 3-3500 and slipped it jus t alittle bit and it started to spin and i got of it and right back on it and went right to 14 psi and hook.. and hooked HARD!!! no spin it hooked hard enough it ripped my head back to the head rest!!! i had a ful car on him by the time i hit 2nd!! let off at about 95 mph and i had a full two cars on him!!!

granted the spyders are heavy but he only has me beat by afew hundred pouds if that.. i have a full power optioned shelby with a full system in it, and im 245 lbs he has no system, and is about 150 pounds....

so once again i am VERY happy with my shelby once again.. if i cant beat them on a roll ill take them on a stand still muuwhaahahaaa!!

04-08-2007, 09:25 AM
Nice job. That's a heavy freakin car you're racing there to. Ever weigh it?

04-08-2007, 02:52 PM
Nice job. That's a heavy freakin car you're racing there to. Ever weigh it?

not yet.. middle to end of may its gettin 4 conrer scaled by a guy i know that has built afew aingle digit street driven mustangs.. were gonna scale it.. than scale just the front so i can figure out where i need to move weight around to even out the front end...
I realy want to lighten it up but since its a true daily driver, all year round and i haul my 3 month old son it it i dont want to remove or lighten anything that would effect his safety

04-08-2007, 07:43 PM
Is this against spoolin_18psi on my board?

If so, he needs to make his car run like what it looks like lol.

04-14-2007, 04:31 PM
The best thing imo.. (I assume) your running a stock 88 block like me.. and still beat the competition. My bro had his stock block rebuilt and it made a nice difference... I only wish I could afford that right now. Just saying that because I was thinking with a fresh block he probably would have owned the spyder pretty good. :D

04-15-2007, 05:28 AM
my buddy that originally owned my car said the motor was replaced at one point in time

but the fact its dirty, no paint left on the valve cover turbo spits oil into the exhaust, im guessing not.. 128k miles on it and no 5th gear untell i figure out WTF is goin on with that

and no it wasnt agaisnt spoolin.. spoolin wil smoke me, alot alot alot!! more money into that car than its worth