View Full Version : S/C airdam(s)

01-26-2006, 12:53 AM
I just want to say shipping these large parts is a pain and exspensive. I will include shipping in the price of the parts. I just sent out a fender and the fascia and support off the 83 1/2 Shelby Charger and it wasnt cheap! I will ship this stuff in the us only. Now onto the parts.

1) Is off my 83 1/2 s/c it has some minor curb scuffing on the lip and a 1" rip on the p/s up by the mounting hole that goes behind the fender extension.
$135 shipped

2) Is a perfect NOS lower airdam. It is factory primer black and has no defects. There is really nothing more to say but it's just perfect. $200 shipped