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02-14-2007, 02:23 AM
There is a bridge in my hometown that has one lane going onto it the other lane continues on down the road. While everyone wants to get on the bridge and they always get lined upto get on the bridge. Leaving the other ongoing lane wide open most of the time. The last light before the bridge was always good place to have some sucker try to ace you out to get on the bridge because they dont want to wait in line like everone else. While I was in my 87 shelby tona, primmered hood, sanded paint, Cummins intercooled, highly modified 2.2 and all. The only thing that would give it ways was the shift light on the dash and 3inch exhaust sounding more like a v8car. I am waiting at the front of the line at the last stop light waiting to get on the bridge. When here comes a huckleberry a nice cobra mustang. He rolls on up to the stop light and looks over to size up what he is thinking he is going to ace. I just look over and smile...the kid in the passengers seat looks at my primmered fadded tona and starts laughing at it. Light turns green and he with his V8 jumps me by half a car length. I feather the clutch for traction and about the time the boost needle pasted 10psi. I grabed the half a car length back....as I got 3rd I pulled his $40000 dollar car by a car length. Then I let off of it and rolled up on to the bridge. We pull up along side each other on the other side of the bridge at the stop light and then again I look over now his passenger is looking at my tona and yelling what the hell is that thing. The driver wont even look over.....it was a classic moment.....just why I love these cars.


02-16-2007, 01:10 AM
dude thats awsome, i dont know what it is about those punks in their 5. slows their nothing unless high moded. I had a simailar mis-hap like that coming home from college and I'll say 19-24 year old kid driveing his mommys $40,000 05 mustang cobra and i have a 19 year old lebaron stock turbo and motor running 11psi and out smoked him cause he was being a D**k head and giving me funny looks and smirkin....well i whiped the smirk off his face after about 4 car legths .....haven seen him since LMAO gotta love it. He must of seen my fart cannon on my car and said....HUH look at this wanna-be ricer