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  1. T-SMEC/SBEC boost control
  2. Need help with pumping eff table and other tuning issues
  3. IAT sensor question (again :D )
  4. Setting up Com Port on USB Pocket Programmer
  5. HELP! Logworks plug-in can't init serial port
  6. What is the best setup for burning chips for a LM?
  7. Lean on Tip in
  8. Adjusting the boost control
  9. PumpShot Calculation
  10. Rich during warm up.
  11. 2.5 swirl head tuning, Round 2
  12. Turbonator Templates - new grouping
  13. Megasquirt thoughts.
  14. Anyone using the Ostrich or chip extender and having issues?
  15. Protocal for Logging Data
  16. Flashable LM's
  17. 86 glhs t2 lm
  18. SST27SF256 or SST27SF010
  19. LM boost control v. boost spike problem
  20. Megasquirt info needed
  21. Table to adjust open loop fuel - cold ECT?
  22. Turbonator switchable boost using P/N switch
  23. SBECII Type II?
  24. how lean is too lean for idle?
  25. VNT options?
  26. Super 60 cal set for pump or race gas?
  27. Distributor Reference Decoding...
  28. Netbook vs laptop for datalogging?
  29. Megasquirt soldering question
  30. O2 kicks / lean cruise
  31. v6 computer
  32. Bootstrap 90 SBEC
  33. Which boost button stage cal is equal to fwd stage 5? also fuel/injector question?
  34. MP computers
  35. How to figure what sort of calibration I need
  36. Swirl head timing and megasquirt
  37. Quick initial timing question
  38. Another quick timing question
  39. Knock on CEL coming on, when knock sensor isn't even connected!
  40. Minimum timing limit in SMEC
  41. commanded AFR
  42. Ostrich/Emutility problem
  43. Knock voltage readings and thresholds
  44. Tuning Charge air temp Sensor
  45. Setting Idle speeds in T-SMEC How?
  46. '93 Jeep 4.0 stock cal?
  47. dcal linux
  48. Clutch Switch?
  49. '87 TBI Logic Module
  50. Flashable LM?
  51. proper way to set timing
  52. Slow RPM decel to idle
  53. Overboost is killing me!
  54. SMEC Map?
  55. 89 2.5 converted to t2. Can I use t2 smec?
  56. help with mptune version 2 and ostrich
  57. rich idle/decel
  58. Help with Willem eprom pcb50
  59. Missfire under boost
  60. How to install FTDI module in a LM?
  61. USB Wiring Pinout for the factory code reading plug thingy
  62. Disabling Purge in MP Tune
  63. Anyone have the table for logworks that for boost?
  64. is there a way to disable o2 feedback in dcal?
  65. Dynoed at 8 psi
  66. How does my air fuel ratio look? (videos)
  67. Can't open cal in MPTune
  68. Wide open throttle shifting? (WOT shift ignition or fuel cut)
  69. Swirl vs G-head PumpEff table
  70. Stock afr?
  71. AFR Datalog?
  72. adjusting points in MPTune
  73. View SEMC Data
  74. Can't open any cals--Friday the 13th I guess
  75. Is there a 0-5v to absolute pressure caculator?
  76. Overboost with lm stg 5 Shelgame cal
  77. Nice sparkplug cross reference site...
  78. Bosch A/F Sensor Differences?
  79. Why does my van like soo much timing????
  80. Stage IV cal won't change fueling?
  81. A few simple tuning questions...
  82. Minimum Timing Differences??
  83. T-Smec 2.5 G-head Thoughts
  84. How do you calculate total timing?
  85. Spark advance theory.
  86. Part to Full Throttle switch point
  87. Knock sensor gauge idea!
  88. Help with MPTune
  89. Where to buy SBEC chip adapter?
  90. 3 bar to 4 bar MAP voltage questions-mainly alky controller settings?
  91. help me with boost control on my Tsmec and Boost button cal
  92. Quick spool spark retard?
  93. Help Please With Innovate SSI-4
  94. So what are you guys doing about 4th/5th gear knock?
  95. Lean spike around 0-5" vacuum
  96. After Socketing
  97. Limp in mode, can't figure out why
  98. MPTune Video
  99. Chrysler Co-Pilot - anyone ever use one?
  100. Post up your Pump Efficiency Table!!
  101. Wideband readings
  102. AEM wideband signal output question
  103. Wifi for ostrich 2 ?
  104. Wiring up the Boostbutton USB cable.
  105. What is this Logic Module?
  106. Confused with MPTune
  107. Stage Cal Timing vs MP Cal Timing
  108. Tuning a SMEC to run a SRT-4 2.4
  109. T2 boost control using Mitsu
  110. Fuel Cut on Decel and part throttle AFR Question
  111. Rich Stumble When Cruising
  112. using air intake temp input for wideband datalogging.
  113. 91 T3 SBEC1 Tuning Questions
  114. Problems with MPScan
  115. '95 Neon ECU Tuning
  116. LM turbonator pumping table not looking right need some help
  117. Share you're 2-step setups w M.S. and other systems-
  118. Part Throttle Unlock (auto trans LU converter) discussion & theory
  119. So has anyone figured out exactly how the O2 ramps work?
  120. Rich Misfire Issues at Cruise
  121. No Lift Shift Discussion
  122. Holy Crap Confused
  123. Board diagrams for TI/TII vs TIII SBECs
  124. Neon ECU flashing
  125. ECU Tuning Options
  126. Megasquirt and 2.2/2.5 mode who is running it?
  127. MPScan and USB to SCI cable
  128. Flashable LM or Super LM?
  129. setting Rev Limiter in LM
  130. Minimum timing still have knock
  131. o2 ramp controller
  132. Dyno-tuned my Dad's wagon today
  133. Spark cut Fractions - MPTune
  134. Turning fan on under boost w/cal
  135. Audible knock with new A/W intercooler
  136. 3-Bar cals with Cruise Control?
  137. pumping eff change for big valve head.
  138. Timing Calculation Min and Max. How do i use them?
  139. Mitsubishi TI vs Garrett TII Boost Control Explained
  140. Stumble under hard accel
  141. What to log-MPScan
  142. turbonator cal questions
  143. exhaust backfire high rpm
  144. New burner or????
  145. Cruise control for max MPG?
  146. 3 bar scaling issues Tsmec
  147. MPScanDroid
  148. Need Megasquirt2 (ms2extra) testers for stock wheel decoder
  149. MPScan dashboard config
  150. '85 Logic Module - which chip?
  151. '85 Mopar Performance tunes
  152. Slugmobile's datalog anomalies
  153. Laptop for flashing and datalogging.
  154. Instuctions for flashable SBEC install
  155. High Idle RPM
  156. Auto vs. manual timing advance
  157. 3 bar scaling with LM. Running rich.
  158. MP computer issues
  159. 2..5l G Head Calibration
  160. More boost less timing, less boost more timing???
  161. Need to adapt GLHS cal for automatic use
  162. egr removal for LM
  163. Tuning help, dieing on decel, idle problems before O2 warms up....ect.
  164. Datalogging has me pulling my hair out! MPScan & Logworks Plugin
  165. Interesting piece of LM history...
  166. Thoughts on SDS system.
  167. MPScanDroid
  168. Help: Turbonator/custom cal initial timing setup
  169. Which 3-bar map?
  170. Would my tune make my car have no power right after I shift?
  171. 2.2 SMEC cal.. anyone want to share?
  172. E85 tune made from 91 octane tune, how to.
  173. MP Tune, issue with Ostrich and COM port`
  174. 1st time SBEC chip burning question
  175. mptune for android
  176. Turbonator Boost Control T1 or T2?
  177. Tuning help for a TIII using MPTune
  178. Bench Flashing a SBEC--How do I do it?
  179. Problem tuning for 25+ psi of boost
  180. Will the stock boost solenoid work for high boost
  181. MPTune rookie question
  182. Learning resources
  183. Turbonator Staging Limiter on SBEC questions.
  184. Flashable FourPlay?
  185. 351ve Holset how to control the factory actuator
  186. Volumetric efficiency
  187. Knock sensors revisited
  188. Re-Chip with new processors
  189. Limit for Hot Map Advance
  190. Scale percentage for 40+ imjectors
  191. GLHS cal idles fast on decel
  192. Flashable SBEC vs Ostrich
  193. Lean on cyl 1 and cel flash with new cal.
  194. Comparing two cals with MPTune/MPCompare
  195. Few questions on the flashable SBEC?
  196. MPtune boost cutoff/limit set?
  197. help with new setup
  198. Converting old calibrations to MP tune
  199. no com port mptune
  200. FTDI Cable and macbook bootcamp windows combo not working?
  201. mptune retrieve initial tune
  202. spark scatter...what's normal
  203. No COM port
  204. egt temps at idle high
  205. No boost control with Boost Button lm 22 S-IV tune
  206. Help tuning a 2.5 hybrid
  207. smec cal mechanical spark advance question
  208. Looking for a good base cal, 2.5 fully ported swirl and big valves
  209. Newb tuning questions.
  210. Need datalog results for 2.5 with standalone ecu
  211. Turbonator Nitrous Timing retard
  212. Ethanol calculator and tuning question
  213. Target idle speed table
  214. mpscan help lm guages and graph twitching from min to max?
  215. car stalling while cruising after mptune turbonator tiii flash
  216. Turbonator Pump Shot tuning
  217. Programmers/Burners
  218. Big turbo anti lag tuning
  219. Newb looking into tuning
  220. Shopping for a 4 bar MAP sensor
  221. MPScan charge temp sensor reading.
  222. 2.4 knock sensor
  223. Knock Sensor location idea
  224. Flash Module Version 2 - Interest?
  225. SMEC tuning, Throttle / boost correlation
  226. E85 Tuning and what tools will help with the tune.
  227. Some early TC by Masi with no knock sensor?
  228. Upgrading LM cal to 4 bar
  229. need a custom cal A.S.A.P ..
  230. MPscan issues
  231. Ostrich draining car battery
  232. Ambient air or intake air temp modifier
  233. How to log a 0-5V source in MPSCAN / MPSCANDROID?
  234. What's the deal with 1989 electronics?
  235. Troubleshooting with MPSCAN
  236. SMEC Filler material
  237. MPTune: Editing Fuel/Air Settings
  238. MPScan LM Log file
  239. 2-bar vs 3-bar
  240. Issues with mp tune. Please help!
  241. Setting the launch control in MPTune
  242. Computer controlled boost turbonator
  243. Video of Turbonator Staging Limiter in action?
  244. Turbonator cal: WB2NB use issues
  245. Looking for PumpEff table for ported swirl
  246. PumpEff adjustment via Turbonator wiki
  247. Gauge's in mp scan
  248. Nitrous Caravan at SDAC 25
  249. Looking to possibly run ethanol, have some questions...
  250. Transient fueling adjustments