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  1. R/T kicks some name's and takes some.....
  2. Honduh gets schooled... lol
  3. srt design ricer
  4. CSX vs. 03' Mach one
  5. 240sx....why even try?
  6. 5.0 litre goes down
  7. Another 240 goes down
  8. Gotta Love the Police!
  9. CSXT vs WRX
  10. 1st in ahwile: Daytona VS. Ricer CRX
  11. Autocrossed for the first time today...
  12. A day out with my boys
  13. Riced out 1st gen neon...
  14. CSXT at the track
  15. CSXT vs SRT4 Stage 2
  16. Neon spanks a Neon!
  17. your worst 'racing' experince?
  18. Neon versus a N/A 1st gen DSM
  19. RT draws first blood...LONG!
  20. Watch out for those RWD Cavaliers!
  21. Laser surpises me and a 350Z
  22. GLHS vs EVO IX
  23. Cold day at the track
  24. My Rivalry with SRT-4 Punk
  25. Lebaron goes 14.3
  26. Laser does okay at the track
  27. Turbo mini winning hearts, minds and races.
  28. VNT vs. Hemi Durango
  29. Grand National put to shame
  30. First trip to the track this season
  31. WTF? That's Rude!
  32. 2 out of 3 races aint bad
  33. SRT-4 vs Stealth R/T Twin Turbo
  34. Turbo Mopars at the Strip
  35. RumbleBee Goes Down!
  36. Went to the track in the Mini-didn't go well!
  37. VR6 bites the dust...
  38. First track day of the year for A-team van
  39. Lebaron vs Mustang GT
  40. LS1 T/A bows down to Omni
  41. Spirit-1, Bee-0
  42. L98 Camaro gets walked by Shelby Lancer
  43. Lexus looking at the Spirit's tail lights
  44. my drag strip numbers from today
  45. racing acura integra on the way home
  46. Another case of fun
  47. Back to the track I went, no 12's but had fun.
  48. It ain't my TD but...
  49. Ist race of the season: 1st round blow a hose!
  50. minivan verses 03miniS
  51. 13's went right on by...
  52. GTP goes down to ChinaTown!
  53. Better day for the shadow
  54. OBX diff and slicks equals too much fun!!!!!
  55. All MOPAR event at Bandimere (Denver)
  56. The Flying Tool Shed goes 13.7@96 mph!!!!!!!!!!!
  57. Shake down runs with the new combo
  58. Daytona's new best
  59. Spirit > Impala...
  60. Lebaron GTC, Flying Tool Shed - Friday at Mission Raceway
  61. First time ever at track!
  62. The Tool Shed goes even faster, 13.6@98 mph but Oops, I did it again, :(
  63. srt vs honda goldwing
  64. Little video of the van on the street
  65. Twin Turbo 3000GT meets the old school turbo
  66. major dissapointment
  67. B.C.ers anyone going to mission on friday?
  68. A little better!
  69. A little too much power at the wrong time...
  70. CSXT vs Viper
  71. Legal racing in San Diego
  72. 86s/c VS awd talon 25 psi
  73. short video of my CSX-T ( the BOV sounds nice)
  74. A little street tire fun
  75. OhioRob's 10 second Charger... with videos from the track
  76. I ran a 12.99 with my charger
  77. Mustang GT's...
  78. Mid 80's, early 90's Firebird
  79. Took van to track last night.
  80. New personal best on pure street tires
  81. van walks v6 camaro.
  82. Video: AA Lebaron vs EVO MR
  83. A-Team rides again
  84. Who's quickest in the 1/8 & 1/4 on purestreets?
  85. Ran HHP Honda Hatch
  86. 13's again
  87. Finally in the 12's
  88. Faster and faster...
  89. Took Rampage out yesterday
  90. Cops puttin the squeeze on
  91. Took my pile of crap to the track
  92. Broked at the track
  93. A sleeper??
  94. Some more testing.
  95. New personal best on pure streets!
  96. Night out at Woodward
  97. Raced the New Yorker finally
  98. The Tool Shed went out again.
  99. Clifford breaks the van record again!
  100. First time out to the track in my new CSX....
  101. New best for my charger
  102. Well that was a waste of time...
  103. Went out with my shadow again
  104. The Flying Tool Shed wasn't flying, its sucked a*s!
  105. took the van to a ghetto track in wendover, NV
  106. The Tool Shed goes faster.
  107. Well, add CSX-T #783 to the list . . .
  108. Predict minivans ET
  109. A.P.B. Red GLHS!
  110. 86 reliant wagon goes 15.7
  111. My new CSX runs an LS1 firehawk.....
  112. Video of minivan & shadow
  113. Not TM but a hoot-
  114. STI> Spirit > '05 Mustang GT - where I stand
  115. Tool shed stays in the 13's tonight.
  116. Seems like the right place so....
  117. Stuck in the 15s
  118. Mini almost hit 13s
  119. Well, the van beat the record again, but....
  120. Best street radial 1/4 mile et in a minivan
  121. Analzye my time slip......14.06@100mph at Lebanon Valley NY.
  122. mini runs 13s!!
  123. Heckled a Cobalt SS showcar tonight!! LOL!!
  124. vert get first win
  125. On my way to work....
  126. Minivan pulls hard on Vtec Accord. (WAY hard!) lol!
  127. What's my potential??
  128. On my way to Meadowdale Raceway today...
  129. Video of my shadow
  130. 4 door Shadow runs 13s!
  131. Ran the Daytona Yesterday
  132. Took the minivan to the track and need some tips
  133. Playing with a Hemi Charger on the highway
  134. new best
  135. Sunfire and Minivan Rematch.
  136. Brother vs Brother
  137. Looked in my rearview...where'd they go?
  138. Brother vs Brother (Part 2 w/ video!)
  139. Holset neon goes to the track
  140. The van's first kill
  141. Punishing the van's tires
  142. Taking a Mustang for a walk
  143. Turbo Cutlass vs quick Dodge Cummins diesel truck
  144. Old PT Cruiser (turbo mini) VS. New PT Looser
  145. Jaguar and Box Truck??
  146. First time at the track with my 87 CSX
  147. Minivan vs. Berretta (and Neon [VID])
  148. shocked a mustang owner a few days ago
  149. One of my best
  150. Second Best
  151. 1/4 mile time?
  152. I wanna hear some good beatin on mustang storys
  153. z28 gets pwned
  154. 305 Camaro vs the van
  155. Bounty Money !!!
  156. V6 Barretta
  157. Slow Civic
  158. Ram SS/T
  159. tonights action.. shelby z . cutlass
  160. Turbo Van vs Turbo Eclipse
  161. 88 shelby z vs 06 cobalt ss
  162. Anyone ever took an exotic yet?
  163. Played with two EVOs tonight...
  164. lancer vs honduh
  165. 98?99? eclipse gst spyder vs shelby z
  166. Fixed a boost leak and scared an SER Spec V
  167. best way to launch?
  168. 2 races from tonight
  169. Kill against a Honduh
  170. Went to the track last night
  171. wild time!! cav vs nissan vs shelby z
  172. GTS vs Grand Prix GT
  173. Intercooled Log Hits the Track
  174. World's Fastest Turbo Dodge Minivan???
  175. whata loser!!!
  176. Zx2.....
  177. Four in one night!
  178. Same Mustang GT, two times
  179. GTS vs Ion Redline
  180. Minivan against a Turbo Diesel
  181. few runs tonight
  182. Western NY TM's at the track
  183. baseline for my '88 Shelby Z
  184. New Minivan Record
  185. Went to the track....car was sloooooowwwwww
  186. Last night at Burlington Coat Factory
  187. First time out with the turbo omni
  188. Went to the track... LOL
  189. My turbo minivan vs a (what???) another turbo minivan!
  190. Minivan vs Mustang
  191. more numbers from the track
  192. well not TD but it involved my brother and my friend.
  193. Bit of racing around
  194. Anything new?
  195. 15.71 @ 107mph What a weird timeslip!
  196. the new $300 daytona track times
  197. Omni GLH killed by Eclipse
  198. I missed it so much!
  199. Cecil 7/13/07
  200. daytona's best mph
  201. SRT4's CSX-T and a showdown is in the future
  202. first r/t kills
  203. Daytona RT kill
  204. Finally got the truck to the track..
  205. back in 1989
  206. last night.
  207. Raced a GT mustang
  208. A Cobalt, a Van, a lot of boost! (vid)
  209. How fast are Evos?
  210. question about gutted cars...
  211. OMG, I couldn't resist!!!
  212. 14psi and the tires start to give! Finally getting somewhere
  213. New best ET
  214. New Best ET
  215. Pics at the track!!
  216. Funny Spirit R/T "race"
  217. Laser with a blown HG vs 240sx
  218. Poor Poor
  219. STI, bout dead even.
  220. Pics of my Phantom R/T!
  221. ricers try to hard!!
  222. Just had a funny traffic light encounter...
  223. GLH vs CTD
  224. HWY fun
  225. Ran the Shadow c/s VNT
  226. New Record Time!
  227. Sundance Delivers The Smack Down!!!
  228. New best for my van
  229. The newest member of the 12 second club is......
  230. lol dicken around in the mini
  231. Big Minivan Burnout!
  232. Why? Every year this event kills me!
  233. Greatest race ever lol. TI baron VS grand prix
  234. Can't wait to get to a real track!
  235. Corvette guy riding in my CSX
  236. found my 10 mph but....
  237. james & rob going at it in c-town
  238. 1st time at the track
  239. Never gets old...
  240. Last Race of the year at PIR
  241. Minivan Progress Report
  242. man i love turbo dodges
  243. 87 GLHS v. 96 Mustang GT
  244. Giving a non believer a ride..
  245. the srt-4 mini track times
  246. First 13 second pass in my Daytona
  247. I came, I went, I ran 13's, :O(
  248. New bestest time
  249. first time at the track with the new setup
  250. Finaly I got a good pass.